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25, place de la Cathédrale
CS 30666 76008 Rouen
Tel : +33(0)2 32 08 32 40
Wechselbüro: +33(0)2 35 89 48 60
Email : accueil@rouentourisme.com

7 cours Gambetta
76500 Elbeuf
Tel : + 33(0)2 32 96 30 40
Email : lafabrique@metropole-rouen-normandie.fr

Rue Guillaume le Conquérant
76480 Jumièges
Tel : + 33 (0)2 35 37 28 97
Email : jumieges@rouentourisme.com

Place du Général de Gaulle
76 480 Duclair
Tel : + 33(0)2 35 05 91 50

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Bistros & Cafés

Bistros & Cafés


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Do you want to read your newspaper with a hot drink? Do you want to have a break in the sunshine on a terrace and quench your thirst with a refreshing drink? Find the best bistros and cafes in Rouen and the Seine Valley.

The best cafés in Rouen: opening times, terraces

Many bars, bistros and cafes with unique traditional atmospheres line the squares and pedestrian streets of the historic town centre of the capital of Normandy. They give the centre of Rouen some charm, as well as the towns that surround it such as Duclair, Jumièges, La Bouille and Elbeuf.

A coffee, hot chocolate, cordial, soda, liqueur: you can find a wide choice of drinks for moments with your family or friends. Food is also available for grabbing a quick bite to eat at a low budget in a lovely setting.

You will always find a good reason to stop in one of the best bistros or cafes in Rouen during your daily life, over a weekend or as part of your stay in Normandy.